Welcome to our UTAH page.  We are making a difference one spay/neuter at a time. Call or Visit us at... 

Phone: (801) 614-5252

600 S State Street
Clearfield, Utah  84015
Terry- Owner
Dr. Flynt
Gerilyn- Office Mgt
Kylee- Vet Assistant
Clearfield, UT...       

Spay Neuter Clinic
Meet the Utah staff...
Hours of operation
We are closed Sun & Mon
Tues - Fri 9 - 5 
Saturday 9 - 12
Our vet is in 
Tues - Fri 9 - 1 
Saturday 9 - 11

Sometimes our vet is in later, but please call to be sure she is available. 


Vaccines are available on a walk in basis.  Spays, Neuters, and Dental Cleaning are by appointment only. 

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(Subject to change without notice)

Female dog spay under 50 lb$75
Female dog spay over 50 lb  $85 & up
Male dog neuter under 50 lb $65
Male dog neuter over 50 lb   $75 &  up

Female cat neuter    $47
Male cat neuter        $37
Note: dogs or cats in heat or pregnant or cryptorchid males  require longer surgeries and small additional costs.

  Additional Services
Heartworm  $19
Feline combo   $22 

Rabies – one year           $13 

             three year     $19 

  Dog and cat Distemper         $16 

  Kennel Cough                $11 

  Cat combo  Vacc                 $24

Dentals – 
Cleaning & polishing, starting at   $90

Microchips         $27
Also: nail trimming, heartworm prevention, deworming, quality pet foods, toys, etc. 

Our purpose is to stop the euthanasia of so many pets and provide affordable, convenient services that are important to their health and happiness. We are not
a full service clinic. We are a high quality low cost spay neuter wellness clinic. 
We recommend that you establish a relationship with a full service clinic in the event your pet needs care such as accident, illness or emergency medical treatment.    

Our licensed, experienced veterinarians put your pet’s health first.    


3 minutes from I-15 exit 334 (700 South) 
Travel west on Rt. 193 from U.S. 89 or I-15 to State Street 
We are located in the strip mall next to Kents Market 
We carry Perfect Balance Dog Food
Congratulations to Heartsong UTAH! What an outstanding number! The team is really making a difference in the overpopulation of pets. Keep up the good work! Erik and Loretta