Spay Neuter Clinic
Founders Erik and Loretta Emmons
Heartsong Spay Neuter Clinic opened when founders Erik and Loretta Emmons of Martinez GA realized that their 501(c)3 non profit rescue was not doing enough to save the many animals from the local and state shelters. Our primary goal was to offer affordable spay, neuter and wellness.  We are not a full service clinic, but what we do we do very well. 

They opened the first clinic in Martinez in 2006.  Since opening the first clinic, they have sterilized over 53,000 pets in the original clinic and have opened 2 more high quality low cost clinics. The second clinic opened August 3 in Aiken, SC. and the 3rd opened October 7, in Clearfield UT. Aiken was closed due to a downturned economy. We hope to reopen in the near future. Utah has now sterilized over 20,000 pets. 

According to a neighboring county shelter, the efforts of the spay neuter clinic have reduced the number of euthanasias in their facility by over 2500 per year. Heartsong is making a significant impact!

Heartsong Animal Rescue takes in and re-homes over 900 animals every year. Heartsong's Rescue is primarily a team of volunteers who work out of their homes fostering animals. The model is successful because the animals are loved and treated as famliy members while awaiting their forever homes. 

Heartsong takes in the harder to place animals, those who have medical issues, and those who are forgotten at the high kill shelters by owners who don't care that the end days of their pet may be in a cold damp cell with no one to love. 

Heartsong has pet ambassadors that travel with us to schools in order to educate our young people about the importance of commitment and responsibility.
Our ambassadors include Marshmallow a bunny, Steve and Yoshi,turtles, Rainbow the Leopard Ghecko, and Sally the sun Conur.  We have many pets to share so call for a pet date!